The Allovance Software

A customizable, powerful, and user-friendly software that guides you through the Allovance process.

Allovance Software

The Allovance software is a decision companion that will accompany you throughout the Allovance process.  Decision-making and strategic prioritization are usually complex processes.  The Allovance software simplifies complexity by using an intuitive user interface, making the process collaborative, and systemizing the inputting of data.

The software is being used by Decision Coaches to guide organizations through their strategic planning and prioritization processes.  Some of the tools featured in the software are explained below.


Strategic Value Scorecard

A hierarchy of organization strategic priorities and objectives in an easy to visualize scorecard.  Relative weights are added to the Strategic Value Scorecard as they are determined.


Complexity & Urgency Tool

The complexity and Urgency Tool allows you to incorporate Complexity and Urgency into the decision-making process.

Complexity describes technical, management, or implementation complexity of a project, as well as its resource requirements and inter-relationship with other projects or alternatives.

Urgency evaluates the amount of existing risk that can be mitigated by a project or alternative.


Relational Comparison Tool

Using pairwise comparison, the relational comparison tool lets you compare priorities and objectives in pairs.  By comparing each priority to every other priority one pair at a time, this leads to less inconsistency and a deeper understanding of the two priorities being compared. 

The final result is the relative weights for all priorities and objectives on the strategic value scorecard.


Allovance Collaboration Tool

Use the Allovance Collaboration tool to add stakeholders within (or outside) the organization.  Stakeholders include the Strategic team, Subject matter experts, Project owners, the Project review team, and model observers. 

Once they are added, use the tool to automatically send them information regarding their role and/or scheduling e-mails.


Inconsistency Tracker

The inconsistency Tracker keeps track of the inconsistency of your group as it goes through the decision model. Less inconsistency means more confidence in the results

0-10% Great | 11-25% Good | 26-50% OK | >50 Bad


Allovance Quantify Tool

Allovance’s proprietary quantify tool turns subjectivity into objectivity.  The tool consists of three parts:

  1. Defining Desirability levels for each priority/objective
  2. Selecting a Graph based on the relative weights of the previously defined levels of desirability
  3. Customizing the curve even further using Scales to adjust the relative weights

The end result is a scale for each priority and objective as well as complexity and urgency.  Those scales will be used to score projects or alternatives.


Project/Alternative List (PAL)

Whatever you are trying to prioritize, this list will store all information entered by project owners in an easy to filter table. Create and organize columns, import/export projects, add filters, view project scores, and much more with the Allovance PAL.


Allovance Project/Alternative Form

The Project/Alternative form will be used to document the business case of a proposed project/alternative.  Project owners will use the form to communicate the impact of the projects/alternatives they are submitting using simple scales.

Customize the Project form by adding as many text, number or multiple choice fields to capture the information that you want from your project owners.


Budget Allocation Tool

The Budget Allocation Tool gives the organization a snapshot of how their budget is allocated across their strategic priorities.  Finally, there's a way to understand how money is spent and ensure that all strategic priorities are being addressed. 

The model constraint does not have to be money.  It can be customized to be anything, such as time (hours), capital (money) or FTE’s (Full-time employees).


Strategic Alignment Tracker

The Strategic Alignment tracker uses all of the information contained within your decision model to show you a chart of how closely aligned your portfolio of projects is to your strategic priorities and objectives.  You can also set goals/targets for any priority or objective and use the Strategic Alignment Tracker to determine how close you are to these goals/targets.


Project Selection Chart

The Project Selection Chart organizes all of the projects being considered into one easy to use bubble chart.  Each bubble represents one project submitted by a project owner. 

Click on any bubble to view that project information.  Easily select/unselect projects to quickly analyze the impact of the proposed portfolio on the strategic priorities before making a final selection.


Allovance Scenario Evaluation Tool

The Allovance Scenario Evaluation tool allows you to:

  1. Automatically generate portfolios that are optimized for targets, strategic value, or strategic priority weights
  2. Evaluate different portfolios before selecting them
  3. View different scenarios based on your selection strategies and goals

Allovance Dashboard

The Dashboard summary brings all of the important information about the decision model to one place.  The dashboard includes the model description and goal, number of projects, budget, number of project owners/experts, the strategic alignment chart, as well as many other components for you to be able to quickly understand the entire decision model.


Allovance Reporting Tool

The Executive Summary presentation tool allows you to click one button to generate a full model report. The report can be exported in Powerpoint or PDF formats.  It includes all the major sections of the decision model.

Spend less time worrying about presentations and more time doing the things that actually matter: Making decisions.



The methodology revolves around five steps: Strategize, Compare, Quantify, Score & Select.
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Our Allovance certified Decision Coaches are experienced in business strategy, facilitation, decision-making and are passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.
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Implementing Allovance

We've simplified the implementation of Allovance into an easy to follow process.
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