What is Allovance?

A collaborative platform for decision-making and strategic prioritization.

Back in 1996, while conducting his PhD research at the University of Michigan, Sherif Farghal (founder and CEO of Allovance) developed an analytical decision making process that immediately began gaining traction. Why? Well, this methodology was so unique, so relevant and so accurate that Fortune 500 companies began seeking consultation with him to better align their strategic objectives. But how do you bring a labor intensive, highly specialized, mathematical process to the masses? You systematize the inputting of data, create an intuitive user interface, and make the process collaborative. Say hello to Allovance — a user friendly platform powered by the scientifically proven methodology used for over 20 years.

Three Components of Allovance

Allovance Method™

The methodology revolves around five steps: Strategize, Compare, Quantify, Score & Select
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Allovance Software

The software was created to help implement and guide stakeholders throughout the process.
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Decision Coach™

Our Allovance certified Decision Coaches are experienced in business strategy, facilitation, decision-making and are passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.
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The Importance of Removing Decision Bias

Removing decision bias is vital to decision-making and strategic prioritization. The problem is that most of us don't even realize when we're bringing biases into the equation. How much do you really know about decision biases? Learn more below.

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The software was created to simplify the process and guide collaborators through the methodology.
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The first step to implementing Allovance is finding a decision coach.
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Implementing Allovance

We've simplified the implementation of Allovance into an easy to follow process.
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