Allovance Use Cases

Allovance can be used in any organization to solve a number of strategic challenges

Capital Allocation

  • Strategic Planning
  • Capital Project prioritization
  • Equipment allocation
  • Deferred maintenance prioritization
  • Lean Project prioritization
  • Corporate budgeting
  • Software selection
  • Mergers & Acquisition prioritization

Resource Allocation

  • FTE utilization
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Employee selection

Time Allocation

  • Internal initiative allocation
  • Task planning
  • Product Feature prioritization

Allovance Decision Model

You are a director at your company and you need to decide what projects to do during the next fiscal year given a limited budget. After meeting with your decision coach, you create a new decision model in the software titled: Capital Allocation.
Collaborate with the Strategic Team

Step 1: Strategize

An Allovance Certified Decision Coach meets with you and your team to agree on the Strategic Priorities and Objectives that are important to your organization.
Collaborate with the Strategic Team

Step 2: Compare

Using the Allovance Method, you and your team compare Strategic Priorities and Objectives to determine their relative weights and importance. The result is a balanced Strategic Value Scorecard with experts assigned to Strategic Objectives. The Decision Coach will meet with those experts later to create metrics and scales that will be used to score projects.
Collaborate with Experts

Step 3: Quantify

Your Decision Coach meets with experts within your organization and utilizes the software to quantify your Strategic Objectives by developing scales. Those scales will be used to score each project/alternative on each Strategic Objective.

Experts are individuals with extensive subject matter knowledge in certain Strategic Objectives.
Collaborate with Project Owners and the Project Review Team

Step 4: Score

Allovance will use the input of the project owners to score the projects as they are submitted and rank them based on their Strategic Value.

All submitted Projects/alternatives will be on the Project/Alternative list where you can click on a project to view its details including what it scored in each of the Strategic Objectives and Priorities.
Collaborate with the Strategic Team

Step 5: SELECT

Projects are plotted for easy selection based on Strategic Value, Complexity, and Urgency. Multiple selection strategies can be used to determine your optimal portfolio of projects. Resources will then be allocated to projects that are most aligned with Strategic Priorities.

Meet with your Decision Coach and talk about your selection strategy. Do we want to select projects that are strategic, simple, or urgent first? Allovance allows you to easily see all your projects, filter them, select/unselect and view them in order to guide you to the best set of decisions. You can be sure of this using the Strategic Alignment bar graph.



The methodology revolves around five steps: Strategize, Compare, Quantify, Score & Select.
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The software was created to simplify the process and guide collaborators through the methodology.
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Our Allovance certified Decision Coaches are experienced in business strategy, facilitation, decision-making and are passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.
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