Omar Farghal | April 17, 2023

The Founders Minute: Part 2 – Subjectivity vs. Objectivity

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Decision-making forms the backbone of any strategic planning. However, organizations tend to gravitate towards quantitative or objective criteria, leaving behind the important yet often ignored element – subjectivity. The challenge? Quantifying subjectivity. Consider a simple example like buying a car: while price is easy to quantify, style can be much harder to measure, as personal preferences vary widely. How can organizations make well-rounded decisions that take into account subjective criteria?

In part two of our Founders Minute series, Dr. Farghal delves into the art of decision-making and offers insights on how to incorporate subjectivity into the decision-making process. Based on his Ph.D research at the University of Michigan, the Allovance Quantify tool empowers organizations to make smarter, more holistic decisions by addressing this critical challenge. Watch the video below.

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