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Higher Education

Capital Improvement Planning 

We understand the frustration of trying to create a multi-year capital improvement plan using various tools such as excel. Switching from software to software making conversions and trying to tie it all together in a comprehensive plan is often frustrating and time consuming. Allovance allows cities to combine all of the functions of their various tools into one comprehensive strategic planning tool. From setting your priorities to choosing strategies that align to your priorities and everything in between, we provide cities with a collaborative, visual and easy to use software to successfully create strategic plans, but also justify their decisions and projects to the communities they serve, state and federal compliance agencies, and other stakeholders.

Economic/Community Development 

Should you build a new athletic facility? Fix the potholes? What about a new high school? How do you compare things that are so different? Allovance’s approach to collaboration and the project submission process opens the door to any number of community engagement opportunities.  Want to know how your community feels about the leadership’s stated priorities? Run a model for the community and compare scorecards. Want to consider community ideas as potential projects.  Enter community ideas into a project form so it can be considered against all other projects using the same standards of assessment. Each project will receive a Strategic Value score based on how closely it aligns to your priorities. Allovance allows subjectivity to be included into the decision model. Now you can take apples, oranges, and bananas, and turn them all into apples for easy comparison.


One of the biggest challenges facing Higher education is managing data and decision making in ways that are transparent. Allovance supports education reporting processes such as those associated with state, federal, and accreditation reporting. Our reporting feature allows for easy documentation of decision processes and justification of project selection. Allovance also has collaboration features that allow for flexible, yet structured, engagement with students, faculty, and community stakeholders.  Alignment is key to the higher education environment. Accreditors require that you are able to show how priorities align from the top down. Allovance not only shows the alignment but also connects funding so you can show how much you are investing in each focus area.

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