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Strategic Alignment

The end goal with any strategic plan is to align the projects with the goals. In other words, you want to make sure that the work we do on a daily basis impacts or aligns with the priorities or goals of the organization. That link between work and priorities is missing for many reasons such as:

  • No communication between strategic team and other organizational members
  • No tool to accurately measure the impact of work on priorities

This was a major factor in the creation of Allovance. By identifying and setting priorities during the first step of the process, we can eliminate the biases that come from selecting projects solely based on “expected ROI” or other financial criteria. Towards the end of the process, each project will be scored against all of the priorities that were identified to come up with the project scores. Ultimately, you are able to see which priorities are impacted when you select a project (or portfolio of projects) and the extent of that impact both in terms of Strategic Value and Budget.

Facilities is not a silo. It is a vital part of any organization, and as such should be able to link their work with the goals and priorities of the organization. Current facilities planning activities do not take this into account. Wouldn’t it be nice to compare multiple portfolios of facilities projects in regards to their impact on organizational strategic priorities?

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