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Limited Resources

What is the ‘right’ decision? At Allovance, we define the right decisions as those that align most to your strategic priorities. In an ideal world, we would all have the money to do everything we want. In reality, we have limited resources (capital, time, labor) to complete all of our projects, initiatives, strategies, etc. and thus choose a portfolio that we think is ‘right’.

Based on extensive research in decision-making during his P.Hd, Sherif Farghal created a methodology that would allow users to create priorities (even subjective ones), quantify those priorities, then score projects against those priorities to determine their impact. This holistic approach to prioritization integrates principals from psychology and statistical analysis, removes biases from the process and allows subjective factors to be included in the decision-making process. Allovance helps users be more purposeful in allocating their limited resources to the project that will have the most positive impact on their strategic priorities or goals.

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