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Viewing: Module 1: Setting the Stage

We all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression; this holds especially true for the initial experience with your client as an Allovance Decision Coach. In this module, you will create a presentation that will provide the client with an overview of the Allovance process and prepare them for the first in-house meeting you will have together.

Think of this session as the movie trailer to their Allovance decision model production. In many ways, the big show is still quite a ways off, however now is the time to build a framework — clarifying your understanding of their needs, and their expectations of you — and generate excitement about what’s ahead. The project is their show, but you are the producer; use this session to lay a clear and solid foundation on which you will build the rest of the decision making model.

PDF: Take it from me

PDF: Vocabulary

PDF: Step action table

Learn about the different roles you'll be working with and which questions to ask.


PDF: Roles

PDF: Ask the right questions

Preparation is key. Watch this short introduction on how to set up your Allovance software for a new engagement. This will set you up for the client Kick Off in Module 2.


Video: Adding a client and a model in Allovance

Video: Duplicate, delete, and switch models

Video: Dashboard summary

Video: Decision Coach pane

PPT: Sample client slide deck