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Strategic Value Scorecard

Your one stop strategic summary.

Ever wish you could see all your strategic priorities and objectives on a single page? Our Strategic Value Scorecard makes this possible by showing how your vision, goal, priorities, and objectives align.


priorities & Objectives

Finally, compare Apples to Oranges.

What is more important to your organizational strategy: Creating a welcoming environment or investing in new construction? How do you even compare those two?


Quantify objectives

Create custom metrics.

Allovance defines objectives as those items that move you toward achieving your priorities. The question is; How do you measure the extent to which any one project will "move the needle" on a given objective or priority?


Score projects

Score projects against scales.

Compare every project on equal footing without any bias.


Select your strategy

See every opportunity in front of you.

Never again wade through piles of paper project forms.  Stop scrolling through endless excel sheets of project details.  Allovance places every submitted project on a single screen that shows you exactly what you need to develop your strategy.

See it in action.

Collaboration is key to successful decision making. However, due to busy schedules, it isn't always possible. This is why we've created the Collaboration Room. The Collaboration Room streamlines remote participation through a single interface. Simply add your team members, assign roles, delegate tasks and even set reminders.


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