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A Structured Process

How many times have you gone through a strategic planning process and felt like they were making it up as they went? How many times have you been the one making it up?

Allovance reduces the uncertainty by providing a process that is clearly structured, yet retains flexibility, and is easy for both the client and the Decision Coach to follow.


An Objective Process

Politics and personal bias are too often drivers of decision-making.

The Allovance Method employs software as a tool that helps Decision Coaches maintain objectivity in the process and allows for subjective criteria to be incorporated in a consistent way.


A Repeatable Process

A Decision Coach with Allovance doesn't get lucky, they get it right. Every process for every client is consistent, documented, and can be repeated for any number of scenarios.



Your Business, Reinvented.

Being a Decision Coach is about more than a process. It is a new way of thinking about making decisions. People and organizations only ask for help when they really need it.

As a Decision Coach you will be able to provide real, lasting, solutions based on solid data that will truly make a difference for your company and clients.

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Tools You Need To Succeed.

Most coaching programs and certifications provide you with content knowledge and some sort of workbook filled with forms and handouts. The practice is left for you to manage.

We provide you with the tools, knowledge and workflow you need to provide a consistent experience every time.

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Certification Courses.

In partnership with the University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute, we have developed an easy to follow certification program to teach you everything you need to know to become an Allovance Decision Coach.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

A Fun Process

This method helped us think more deeply about work; and I have to was fun to create and to challenge myself through this method.

Holly Grand-Miller
Director of Organizational Development

Ensured Strategic Alignment

This method ensured that all my projects align with our strategy. It was easy to justify & receive board approval based on the data produced.

Mark Peifer
Chief Operating Officer

An Instrumental Process

Allovance was instrumetnal in helping the board have substantial discussions and reach conclusions on based on the metrics produced.

Tom Crawford
Chief Financial Officer

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