Who Are Your Decision Companions?


Experienced Beginnings.

Founder and CEO Dr. Sherif Farghal has refined the decision-making methodology over his 20+ years of work in his consultancy business, Pyramid Consulting International.

At the request of clients that wished to use the software to continue their strategic planning in-house and make their strategic plan a dynamic process instead of a binder on a shelf, Allovance was born.

Reoccuring Pain Points.

Recognizing that any process when done by hand is time consuming, inconsistent, and difficult to replicate, Sherif developed a corresponding software to support the process.

The Allovance Method was born out of the need to address these significant universal organizational pain points.

How To

Effectively allocate scarce resources...

such as capital, people, time, equipment, etc..

How To

Link strategy to budgeting...

to understand how your budget is impacting your strategy.

How To

Prioritize projects and resources...

that align with the values and strategic priorities of an organization.

How To

Measure the impact of projects...

on organizational goals and priorities.

How To

Create strategic and capital plans...

that are structured, yet dynamic and living.

How To

Make decision-making processes...

easier, more collaborative, and more transparent.

Your Allovance Team

While the Allovance Software will be a trusty companion on your decision journey, there are people behind the scenes that will be there to offer support along the way.  Our executive team and our community of Certified Decision Coaches are available to answer questions, address your needs, and provide guidance and ongoing training so you can maximize Allovance for all of your organizational decision-making needs.

We have over
Decision Coaches
With over
Years Of Experience
From more than
Different Countries
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Featured Coach

Trudy Menke

Reframing leadership llc

Trudy Menke is the President of Reframing Leadership and a founding member of the John Maxwell Team. She serves her clients primarily as an executive coach and team trainer. Her favorite engagements include those that help teams work together more effectively, encourage individuals to build leadership best practices that impact culture, and assist companies with facilitation and software to support effective strategic planning that drives growth.
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