Who Are Your Decision Companions?


Experienced Beginnings.

Founder and CEO Dr. Sherif Farghal has refined the decision-making methodology over his 20+ years of work in his consultancy business, Pyramid Consulting International.

At the request of clients that wished to use the software to continue their strategic planning in-house and make their strategic plan a dynamic process instead of a binder on a shelf, Allovance was born.

Reoccuring Pain Points.

Recognizing that any process when done by hand is time consuming, inconsistent, and difficult to replicate, Sherif developed a corresponding software to support the process.

The Allovance Method was born out of the need to address these significant universal organizational pain points.

How To

Effectively allocate scarce resources...

such as capital, people, time, equipment, etc..

How To

Link strategy to budgeting...

to understand how your budget is impacting your strategy.

How To

Prioritize projects and resources...

that align with the values and strategic priorities of an organization.

How To

Measure the impact of projects...

on organizational goals and priorities.

How To

Create strategic and capital plans...

that are structured, yet dynamic and living.

How To

Make decision-making processes...

easier, more collaborative, and more transparent.

The Executive Team.

While the Allovance Software will be a trusty companion on your decision journey, there are people behind the scenes that will be there to offer support along the way.  Our executive team and our community of Certified Decision Coaches are available to answer questions, address your needs, and provide guidance and ongoing training so you can maximize Allovance for all of your organizational decision-making needs.


Sherif Farghal

Founder & Creator

Sherif’s vision is to transform the culture of decision-making in organizations. He developed his unique method while obtaining his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Michigan.  His dissertation research and over 20 years of work through his consultancy business, Pyramid Consulting International, forms the foundation of the Allovance Software. Sherif’s passion for helping organizations make better decisions drives his work in all his business and personal endeavors.


Omar Farghal

Operations & Support

Omar is the driving force keeping everything running smooth for all of our customers. He brings nearly a decade of experience in financial services and business analytics from Fortune 500 and other international companies to the table. Omar holds a BBA in Finance and Marketing from Michigan State University and is currently working on his MBA in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He sees Allovance as what is missing in the decision-making and capital allocation toolboxes.


Barnaby Pung, Ph.D.

Education & Outreach

Barnaby is the scribe behind Allovance’s social media and a key player in designing the Decision Coach Certification. With over 20 years of experience in educational and non-profit settings he brings a different viewpoint to the team.  This former College Dean has a Ph.D. in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education from Michigan State University and a strong background in workforce and career focused education and community development. Barnaby finds his passion in his family and is driven by a desire to see others succeed.  


David Adams

Analytics & Business Development

David is a study in opposites. As the man behind the curtain, he is responsible for our business infrastructure, yet he is also often the first voice our customers hear. He is tireless in his efforts to connect Allovance with Organizations that need it. This former college athlete has a background in sales and analytics along with his degree in Business in the Liberal Arts & Religious Studies from St. Lawrence University. When David isn’t working, he and his wife can be found volunteering with one of the non-profit organizations they lead.

Led by Decision Coaches™

At Allovance, our Implementation and Support Specialists have gone through rigorous training in decision sciences, the art of facilitation, the Allovance Software, Method, and standard use cases. Certification is obtained through a program in partnership with the University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute

We have over
Decision Coaches
With over
Years Of Experience
From more than
Different Countries
Spanning over

Ashlee Breitner

Decision Coach Certification Program Lead

The machine behind the scenes, Ashlee is the go-to person for Decision Coach Certification. An MBA from Wayne State University and a BS in Education from Eastern Michigan University have served her well as she has worked with thousands of customers and suppliers across the globe to diversify their business through certification services that protect and improve public health. When she isn’t busy changing the world for the better, she can likely be found at the lake with her family. 

Featured Coach

Richard Kurtz

Rick is a senior executive with forty years’ experience in management in public and private companies at both the corporate and divisional levels in the medical device, automotive, software and photonics industries.  His career began in sales and moved into business development where he became VP of sales for a $100 million revenue public company. In 2000, he joined a small public company as CEO and Chairman in the optical photonics industry, growing the business from $7 million to $24 million. Rick is experienced in organizing, developing and focusing corporate growth and expansion in new product development, in formulating strategic plans to meet objectives and in organizing team efforts to optimize core competencies and increase profitability.

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