Decision Making is a process, not an impulse

with Allovance - a platform that structures, quantifies and prioritizes business decisions.

What is Allovance?



Allovance is an integrated decision-support and strategic prioritization platform that enables organizations to make critical business decisions quickly and effectively - allowing teams and leaders to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Based on a proven methodology developed by leading business performance consultant to global corporations Sherif Farghal, Ph.D., this customizable and intuitive framework offers both emerging and established companies unmatched decision guidance and support.

The Allovance platform has three components: 1) Allovance Method, 2) Allovance Software, 3) Allovance Decision-Coaching.

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“Our goal is to help you understand the impact of your decisions before you make them, and therefore you don’t have to live with bad consequences”

- Sherif Farghal, CEO

Your Business Grows One Smart Decision at a Time.

How much stronger would your organization be if you were able to streamline the decision making process?  Allovance not only makes this possible, but simple, collaborative, and stimulating. Organizations using Allovance are consistently able to prioritize and align their work with their strategic priorities; achieve their organizational goals; justify and get buy-in for their decisions; and communicate their strategic priorities across the organization.


The Allovance platform consists of three components; a scientific decision-making and strategic prioritization method supported by a smart software solution delivered by experienced Decision Coaches.  This is the solid platform that moves businesses to higher ground.

Allovance Method™

The methodology revolves around five steps: Strategize, Compare, Quantify, Score & Select.
How it Works

Allovance™ Software

The software was created to help implement and guide stakeholders throughout the process.
The Software

Decision Coaches™

Our Allovance certified Decision Coaches are experienced in business strategy, facilitation, decision-making and are passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.

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Our Method.
Your Reward.

Allovance is a collaborative process that walks organizations through five steps to better decision making.
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Don't Just Take it from Us.

Hear it from real business leaders like you.

“Creating a prioritization model for work just doesn’t sound fun. In fact some of us dread carving out time to create a structure for prioritization…my office decided to take this journey to create a prioritization model for Lean projects because we were aware of the fact that we didn’t have objective reasons why we took on certain projects and when we might say no to projects.

We had goals we wanted to achieve but felt our work and goals were disconnected…. I am happy to say I think what we found was not just a model with scoring and weighing but a method that helped us think more deeply about work. And I have to admit ….it was fun to create and to challenge myself  through this method.”

Holly Grandy-Miller, Director

”The use of this method ensured that all my projects are aligned with our strategy. It was very easy for me to justify and get the board to approve the projects based on the data produced by the model. The real value to the process was that it facilitated meaningful discussions about alternatives to the various members.

People who came in defending their individual positions on projects learned, through these discussions, that other alternatives were truly more beneficial to the organization. We were surprised at what the process taught us and which alternatives we ended up choosing based on a more disciplined process.”

Mark Peifer, COO

“First, the Allovance Decision Coach's facilitation to implement the Allovance model allowed the board to effectively work through and develop its strategic priorities. Although it did require a number of meetings, the board was willing to get together because each session demonstrated real progress and agreement on this difficult topic. Without the coach's engagement helping the board move through the process, it would have been MUCH more difficult to obtain agreement.

Secondly, the board has worked for some time to have meaningful metrics that describes the effects of its efforts towards its mission. The Allovance Method was instrumental in helping the board have substantial discussions and reach conclusions on metrics. Getting these metrics established has allowed the board to spend more time on what new initiatives can be done to meet the organization’s mission.

Recognizing that the strategic plan and measures are periodically re-evaluated, this engagement accelerated and focused the SmartZone’s efforts and helped it develop an integrated, thoughtful plan.”

Tom Crawford, CFO

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