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Simplify your Strategic and Capital planning decision-making process.

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Developed with Your Needs in Mind.

Capital Allocation
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Reduce uncertainty with a consistent, structured, yet flexible, process.



Transform subjective input into objective criteria – streamlining the decision making process.



Every process is consistent, documented, and can be repeated for any number of scenarios – no matter the model.



Allovance is built around the idea that there is a better way to make decisions.  Our company is built on research in decision sciences, psychology, business, change management, and learning behaviors.  This research led to  the development of two unique product offerings:

  1. A cloud-based capital allocation and strategic prioritization software designed to add transparency and reliability to any organizational prioritization practices.
  2. Decision Coach certification in partnership with The University of Michigan.

Allovance Software

The Allovance Software was created to help implement and guide stakeholders through the five-step decision making process: Strategize, Compare, Quantify, Score & Select. Subscribe to the software and we will provide implementation training, so you can use the software at your own pace with your own team.

Decision Coaches

Allovance Certified Decision Coaches are experienced in business strategy, facilitation, decision-making and are passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. Decision Coaches are available and trained to implement Allovance. Does this sound like you? Click the links below to learn more about our training and certification program.


A Central Process

Your Decision Pipeline.

As a self-contained decision hub, Allovance allows you to input projects, score projects, and plan your projects all from one platform.

Critical business decisions shouldn't happen in isolation. Instead, they should be viewed in light of the bigger picture and aligned to your priorities – we call this your Strategic Value Scorecard.

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This method ensured that all of my projects aligned with our strategy. The data made it easy to receive board approval.

Mark Pelfer // Chief Operating Officer

Allovance was fun, challenged our team, and helped us think more deeply about the projects we were working on.

Holly Grandy-Miller // Director

Allovance was instrumental in helping the board have substantial discussions and reach consensus on metrics.

Tom Crawford // Chief Financial Officer


Involve The Entire Team.

Collaboration is key to successful decision making. However, due to busy schedules, it isn't always easy. This is why we've created the Collaboration Room.

The Collaboration Room streamlines remote participation through a single interface. Simply add your team members, assign roles, delegate tasks and reduce the need for meetings.

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A Data Driven Process

Plan Ahead, Strategically.

Allovance makes it incredibly simple to review your projects based on a variety of lenses such as Strategic Value, complexity, and urgency. This allows you to easily create annual plans that are strategically aligned to goals and account for time and cost.

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Allovance enhances decision making by allowing cross-functional teams to collaborate across a five-step process.

Strategic Team
Project Owners
Project Review Team


The Strategic Team begins by defining the strategic priorities of the organization – building out a Strategic Value Scorecard.

Create a Strategic Value Scorecard
Define organizational values
Establish a Decision Model Goal
Breakdown into measurable objectives
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The Strategic Team leverages our built-in pairwise comparison tool to obtain relative weights among priorities & objectives.

Build consensus using pairwise comparison
Obtain relative weights
Adjust weights as priorities change
Balance Strategic Value Scorecard
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Experts within or outside the organization then create custom scales for each priority or objective. These scales will be used to score proposed projects.

Create custom scales to define metrics
Create objective measures for subjective criteria
Easily request expert input
Preview & change scales in real time
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Project Owners then use the scales to score each project they are proposing. These projects are evaluated against the Strategic Value Scorecard for alignment.

Score projects to determine impact
Personal dashboards eliminate bias
Easily compare projects with standardized scores
Assign projects to revenue sources
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All datapoints are then aggregated into a simple, yet powerful and customizable bubble chart that organizes projects based on Strategic Value, complexity and urgency.

Manually or automatically create portfolios of projects
Evaluate portfolios for strategic alignment
Easily create a full-model report
Filter, customize and sort as needed
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